Investor, Philanthropist, Author and Lawyer, the C.E.O of the Ham Group of Companies


My Early Life and Edication

I was Born in Kalungu, Masaka on February 10, 1984, to Mr. Segawa Haruna and Mrs. Nakayiza Jalia both Moslem Parents with a strong business background. I was raised in the small village of Kalungu, Uganda, which is in East Africa. Kalungu village is part of Masaka, which used to be a bigger town, but it is now a city.
I went to primary school in Masaka and, as a child, I would help my father who was a textile trader in his shop during our school holidays. During the period I was to attend high school, my family relocated to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and from there, I went to Kabojja Secondary School. Later, I attended Makerere University and graduated with a bachelor of laws. By profession, I am a lawyer, but today I’m more of a businessman than a lawyer.

My Business Journey

During my middle-school holidays in 2005, my parents gave me some reasonable capital to start a business. The capital was reasonable in the sense that it was not too much for me to simply spend it on my personal needs then as a young man, nor was it too small for me not to start.
This gave me the opportunity to test the entrepreneurial waters. I started small, buying garments, furniture, ladies’ bags and other commodities from large importing wholesalers and selling them locally at a profit.
I chose those specific items because it was those very commodities that my parents were dealing in then.
As my margins grew, I began to source directly from international markets and became a firsthand importer myself. I imported clothes and commodities from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Dubai, and distributed them wholesale both in Uganda and in neighboring countries, like Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo and Sudan.

When my trading business thrived and I accumulated more capital, I opted to venture into a more sophisticated business and real estate was a natural fit for me. I started buying and selling land and properties at a profit and in 2009, I incorporated Ham Enterprises (U) Ltd and progressed to constructing and owning my commercial properties.

In 2010, i started building Ham towers, my first commercial building at the Makerere suburb of Kampala city. Having mastered the commercial real estate principles, i referred to lessons learnt from my first project and I was then able to move a bit faster. Within 18 months, i had built my second property — Ham Shopping Mall. With combined rental income coming from both properties, i easily secured more financing from banks, for other projects given my reasonable collateral.

I have now diversified into national large-scale industrialization since 2018, mainly focusing on Agro-processing and value addition. Because Uganda is an Agro-based country but majorly, exporting raw material at unreasonable rates yet Importing processed products at exorbitant costs. Productive population also leave spacious fertile villages and congest urban areas for unreasonable survival. My desire to realize import substitution, mitigate rural-urban migration and effect regional national development forced me to invest over 2 Billion Shillings in global and national research.
I resultantly divided Uganda into 10 Agro-Zones basing of the specific agro produce from each zone (region) and resolved that each zone need an advanced Integrated Agro-Processing Industrial Plant (IAIP) as agro-processing and value additional are the only direct and clear path for Uganda from Poverty to prosperity. Each Plant cost between US$156-200 Million that is too much in comparison to the size of our economy. I therefore resolved and embarked on starting a pilot project in the Akright City of the central region as a kick-starter with hope that other fellow able ones would emulate and do the same in other zones and together we will transform our motherland from poverty to prosperity.

Nakivubo Stadium Construction

In 2015 after several engagements with the stadium board of trustees, I approached His excellence with my desirous proposal and ability to redevelop, Upgrade and modernize the stadium to world standards.
President Museveni welcomed my proposal, blessed and directed me to proceed and in 2017, i demolished all the worn-out structures and started re-developing the new stadium from Scratch until near completion in November 2023.

I embarked on the reconstruction of the stadium as corporate social responsibility for community development and equally as an example to other Ugandans and Africans that if I can pull off such a huge project with private funding, so can they.
The only way to pull Africa out of poverty to prosperity is for us Africans to accept it as our responsibility

My Projects

Hamz Stadium at Nakivubo War Memorial Grounds
Hamz Stadium at Nakivubo War Memorial Grounds
Constructed between 2017 - 2023
35000-Seater Stadium Constructed from Scratch now ready for: football, netball, Basket Ball, and all indoor games with a 72 rooms sport Hostel
The White House Uganda
Headquaters for all Ham Group of Companies and Administration Block for Agro Processing Industries.
Drawing inspiration from the official residence and workplace of the president of the United States of America.
It is an Illustration of Possibilities to fellow Ugandans and Africans that it is Possible to make it and transform our motherland instead of travelling to see the white house from the west.
Ham Agro-Proccessing Industries
Pilot Project for the Advanced Integrated Agro-Processing Plants
These are newly constructed Agro-proccessing Plants for Processing of Agro Produce to cater for the domestic, regional and international Market
Ham Palm Villas
500 modern Homes Gated Community
This is a 500 homes Project currently under construction. with majority of the Houses for sale and some for rent upon full completion

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